Genealogy Research

We are more than happy to help you with your Kosciusko County genealogy research. For more information on our charges for research please contact us at:

Genealogy Library, KCHS

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When writing to us please tell us exactly what information you know to help us find the correct relative. We also need to know exactly what information you are looking for.

Pioneer Families of Kosciusko County

Pioneer Families of Kosciusko County (P.F.K.C.) Applicants must prove that their ancestor lived in Kosciusko County before 1850.   An application for P.F.C.K. can be found here.

Pioneer Families II  (P.F.C.K II) of Kosciusko County must prove that their ancestor lived in Kosciusko county between 1850 - 1870.  An application for P.F.C.K. II can be found here.

New Pioneer Family

The Genealogy Section has issued 4 Pioneer Family certificates to Faith L. Goshert of Mentone, IN.  Ms. Goshert has demonstrated that the following ancestors were residents of Kosciusko County before 1850:

Benjamin & Margaret (Riley) Blue, John & Mary (Ward) Tucker, Henry & Deakley (Knepper) Goshert, Samuel Jr. & Susannah (Crooke) Eiler.

A Pioneer Family II certificate was also issued to Ms. Goshert for demonstrating that her ancestor Sarah (Heberling) Hoffer was a resident of Kosciusko County between 1850 - 1870.